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Dr. Attukal Radhakrishnan

Son of Sri. Raman Nair and Smt. Parameswari Amma, born in 1958 June 9 , Thiruvananthapuram Kerala, South India. In 1979 completed his Electrical Engineering and in joined Madras Jayanthi Chemicals. At the Same time he continued enhancing his astrological knowledge by learning and doing research in Astrology and in 1982 started his own office in near Attukal Bhagavathi Temple Thiruvananthapuram which was officially inaugurated in 1992 by Mis. Urvasi, the famous South Indian film actress. A lot of awards reached him to his credit.

In 1993 he received the "Jyothisha Vachaspathi" award presented by the Kerala Fisheries Minister Smt. M.T. Padma . In 1996 he was awarded the "Jyothirbhooshanam Award" by Saavarni Jyothisha Vidya Peedam Aluva. In 1996 he was awarded MASc. in Astrology by the International Council of Astrological Sciences.

In 1998, he was awarded Doctorate by the Telugu University and was presented to him by the Vice Chancellor Dr. C.V.V. Subramanyam at the International Jyothisha Seminar held at Andhra Pradesh. In 1998 ASIANET the first and best Malayalam TV channel, in association with its 5th anniversary, awarded a Gold medal for the best astrologer. In 1999 June 12 The Cultural, Arts & Sports wing under the Central Ministry for Human Resources awarded him the medal for the best scholar in Astrology.

Dr. Attukal Radhakrishnan handles the popular weekly astrological program "Anantham Anjatham" aired and is now running 27th year . Watch this programme Middle east channel Friday morning UAE time 7.30AM and Asianet channel Sunday morning IST 6.30 AM. The program has crossed 1000 episodes and still continues.....

He had made many predictions through dailies and magazines - the Murder of Smt. Indira Gandhi, the murder of Sri. Rajiv Gandhi, the fall of Deva Gaouda Ministry, fall of Gujral ministry, the Gulf war and the recent India - Pak war were some of them. He predicts that the war will be completely stopped only by 2000 June. He further predicts that during the next coming election in 2000, BJP will get majority and Sri. Adal Bihari Vajpay will become the Prime Minister of India.

He had written so many astrological articles in many magazines and he is the favorite astrologer of many famous film actors and politicians. He had written many astrological books Attukal Nakshatram , Attukal Vivaha Porutham , Attukal Jyothisasthram , Attukal Nakshatra bhalam 2014 and Attukal Bhagavathi etc .

He handles all the aspects and activities of Astrology like magic charms (Talismans) - amulets of rare power, writing horoscopes in English , Malayalam and Tamil , finding good times, match making, numerological astrology, finding lucky stones , Navaratnas and Vasthu Sasthra etc.

Many from the different parts of the world accepts of power of Dr. Attukal Radhakrishnan's Magic Talismans.

Since 30 years he is in this field and no doubt he is a very world renowned astrologer from India.

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