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Yantrams (Amulets) of rare Magical Powers - to Foreign Countries
In our country there are many people who do not know the power of Mantra. By practice of mantra one can obtain knowledge of the past, present and future and can also obtain equality with the Devas. Sri Rama and Lakshmana could kill the terrible giantess Thadaka while they were mere boys of six and five years only with the power of manthras. It is well known that with the super natural powers of divine arrows like Varunastram, Agnyastram etc. in ancient times the kings and the Gods of the Trinity could achieve many things wonderfully.
Though fire can burn the entire world, if fire is put in water it is extinguished by the water. But if properly utilised the fire can heat the water and drain it. Mostly the ineffectiveness of the manthrams is not due to the defect of the sciences, but due to improper way of doing the incantations.
Depending upon the nature of one's requirement different gods have to be prayed for and due pujas and japams have to be conducted and charms or amulets thus produced should be worn by the individual concerned.
Though Malayalanadu is very famous for its knowledge of sorcery, due to bad times it has only a few people who possess scientific knowledge practice and skill in this field. Yantrams or amulets are prepared through the power of manthras as prescribed by virtue of knowledge gained through heredity, through ancient books and as instructed by holy scholars who were proficient in mantras.
Danwantari Yanthram (For cure of illness)
Maha Ganapathy Yantram (for achieving all desired things)
Veerabhadra Yantram (for happy married life and unity)
Also Yantram like Mahisha Mardhini Yantram, Sarva Vasya Yanthram, Sri Chakram, Aswaruda Yanthram are prepared for personal wearing or to be installed anywhere or to be worshipped in industrial establishments.
REMA JYOTISHALAYAM was formally inaugurated by the famous cine star Urvasi on 8th February 1992.

Santhana Gopala Yanthram is prepared by the famous Astrologer Dr. Attukal Radhakrishnan through his many years of scientific research including secret manthras and pooja rites. By wearing this yanthram the person can ward off defects in his horoscope. Surya Dosha, Physical defects loss of offspring etc. and he will get children and happy family life.

Saraswathy yanthram prepared scientifically as prescribed by the sastras will enable school children to achieve good memory and overcome any obstruction in their studies and achieve success in their examinations. Those who are undergoing higher educational courses like PDC, BA, B.COM, MA, M.COM, MBBS, Engg. Entrance etc. can wear Vidya Vijayaprada Yantram which has great magical powers and surely achieve great intelligence, memory, extra-ordinary power of speaking and pass in their examinations with rank.

When a child is born it may be getting many childhood diseases problems of fear, bad dreams, etc. due to defects in its horoscope. If the child is wearing this Bala Yantram it will protect the child from the above problem from its birth till it is seven years old and that child will have long and healthy life.

Mahalakshmi Yanthram is prepared scientifically after many years of research and is found to possess great power. This Yanthram will prevent financial crisis, loss of money, fear of enemies, litigation etc. and ensure financial progress.

A person wearing this yanthram will be liked by all people with whom he comes into contact, particularly people working in foreign countries will have job security, financial improvement and will not have fear of enemies, court cases etc. Arabs can have Sarva Vasya Yanthram with magical powers got through special poojas. Please contact Jothishalayam in person.

We are seeing in our midst many women not getting married because of chova dosham or other defects in their horoscopes. Wearing this magical amulet will bring all round prosperity besides getting married soon. This yanthram prepared through secret manthras and special poojas rites will be beneficial after marriage also and will give wonderful results irrespective of caste or creed.

Maha Sudarsanam is the chief weapon of Maha vishnu. The mighty power of this weapon is proved many times by Maha Vishnu using this weapon to kill his enemies. If this yanthram is engraved in silver sheet and worn after the prescribed puja and considering the mantra number it will protect the person from all evils, enemies, business problems and also diseases. He will be liked by all and he will achieve wealth, status and happiness about which there is no doubt. ;

This Yantram has already received much popularity in foreign countries like England, Germany and America and also gulf countries where there is strict opposition for such charms and amulets. Clean certificates and letters of appreciation have received from many users of this yanthram from these countries. Those wearing this yanthram in India or abroad will get protection from loss of work, loss in business, obstacles in foreign travel, court cases, fear of enemies, etc. and they will enjoy all round prosperity and progress. This yantram will be sent to all foreign countries as per direct order by filling the yantram in silver tubes and after performing special puja manthras.

Wearing this yanthram will solve quarrels between husband and wife, and will protect them from sense of failure, secret diseases before and after marriage bad dreams etc. If the wearer is a male he ill have full satisfaction in his married life. In the case of a lady she will regain her youthfulness beauty and prosperity and will have all qualities of attracting her spouse.

This yanthram is to be installed in the house as per rules of the Sastra and this will ensure permanent prosperity in the house, prevent unnatural deaths, evil spirits, accidents etc. It is desired that every house should have this yanthram installed for the protection of the houise and prosperity of the family residing in it.

If this yanthram is worn it will destroy all kinds of planetary defects and misfortunes, defeat strong enemies, and prevent or cure all diseases and also will get relief from attack of evil spirits. Within one hour of wearing this yanthram mental diseases like epilepsy, etc. will disappear. (Habitual drinker, on wearing this Yanthram will start disliking alcohol). Persons with mental illness please contact.

Jyothisha Kalanidhi Attukal Radhakrishnan the world famous astrologer has made remarkable predications for millions of people through Asianet TV, magazines like Nana, Mahila Ratnam, Vellinakshatram and will soon enter the Guinness Book of Records. After years of intense study and research in this field he has mastered this science and will give reliable predictions for education, job, love, marriage, children etc. and also about purchase of vehicles chances in cine field, political career etc. He will also give complete horoscope, auspicious times, marriage compatibility and infact all matters you want to know in your life through reliable scientific predictions.

Over 250 different kinds of yantrams are scientifically prepared some to be worn and some to be installed in houses & come others installed and worshipped in business establishments. These yanthrams have great miraculous power and will give protection from marriage obstacles, kandakasani, Ezharasani, chova dosham and other planetary evils, employment problems, mental diseases, serious bodily ailments, accidents, court cases etc. All the yanthrams prescribed by astrologers are also prepared here scientifically. These yanthrams are enclosed in silver tubes and sent by post to those in India and abroad. Free postal replies to letters from India and outside. NB: Correspondence kept Confidential

This Yanthram is prepared by world famous astrologer Dr. Attukal Radhakrishnan scientifically by conducting satrusamhara pooja. This yanthram worn in person or installed in house or establishment will bring prosperity, success over enemies and solve financial problems, loans and also health problems. Just as beauty attract beauty and magnet attracts iron, this Dhana akarshana Bhairava Yanthram attracts wealth and prosperity.

The aim of wearing the yanthram is to cure the wearer's physical and mental ailments and ward off evil spirits that cause problem in the house, work place, vehicles etc. After taking bath in the morning go to temple or church. Returning straight to your home select pooja room or any other clean place in the house to wear the yanthram. It may be worn either over the neck or waist.

This yanthram has wonderful powers that it will save even a person nearing death and make him live for many more years. Thus it will protect him from accidental death, earthquake, fire, water, poisons and other dangers and give hima wealthy and long life. This yanthram gives wonderful results irrespective of the wearer's caste or religion.

How to reach Jyothishalayam?
REMA JYOTISHALAYAM is situated near the famous Attukal Devi Temple which is only two Kms from the Central Bus stand and Railway Station. Alight Attukal Devi Temple bus stop (Avittom Tirunal Library Junction) and a few feet away on the right side of the main road you will find the name board of REMA JYOTISHALAYAM. Working time is from 10.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m. Those coming from distant places may please make appointments through phone or letter before hand. (Saturday is a Holiday).

Dr. Attukal Radhakrishnan MICA, MASc, DASc

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Are you interested in knowing your future clearly and correctly forecast? We all must know about our future to make life peaceful and prosperous. Personal problems regarding education, employment, love and marriage, married life, child birth, foreign travel, victory over enemies, etc are honestly and scientifically predicted.
You may write to us whatever you want to know in a question form, along with your name, place, time and date of birth or your horoscope (grahanila). If you do not have all the particulars write the available particulars. Persons abroad should send Rs.500/- by DD in favour of Dr. Attukal Radhakrishnan and you will receive reply to your query immediately. If you want forecast of other members of your family you should send Rs.500/- for each member and one DD for the total amount. Persons in India should send Rs.200/- per person by M.O.

English/Tamil/Malayalam Complete Horoscope
Your complete horoscope is prepared by the world famous Astrologer Dr. Attukal Radhakrishnan by scientific calculations regarding the location of the place of your birth, date and time of birth as laid down by Parasara Muni and forecast made as per the teachings of Varaha Mihira, Parasara Muni and Manthraswera Maharishi. The preparation oof horoscope requires extra-ordinary concentration.
Your entire life is divided according to dasa periods and forecasts are made for each dasa period.
Also events that happen in your life, problems you will have to face and their remedies, your lucky stone, colour and lucky days will also be forecast. Complete horoscope Rs.1600/- (Rs.1650/- for sending by post. For overseas Rs. 1,700/-) Horoscopes are prepared for people in India and abroad whatever be their place of birth in the world. Those who want horoscope should send the name of their child, male or female, place (Dist) time and date of birth their correct address and DD/MO.

Complete Computer Horoscope
Your complete future forecast correctly and scientifically in English, Malayalam or Tamil through computer is available at Rs.400/-. Persons outside India can get their complete horoscope for Rs. 500/- by post. Fees for knowing marriage compatibility Rs.200/- Numerology (Malayalam) Rs.200/- (Rs.300/- through post). If you give phone number the above will be sent by courier.
If you want to choose the name lucky for your child, lucky number colour, lucky stone, favourable dates, etc send us the date and time of birth, and 5 names of choice in English, along with Rs.200/- by M.O.

Lucky Gems, Rings for Personal Wear
Scientific Astrologer Dr.Attukal Radhakrishnan who is attracting lakhs of people around the world through his regular programme of astrological forecast through Asianet will select suitable lucky stones. These lucky stones fitted in rings are prepared by Dr.Attukal Radhakrishnan through special poojas like Navagraha Pooja, etc. Such rings fitted with lucky stones which will give sure protection for the wearer from Navagraha Dosham and other doshams affecting your future are available at different rates. Rings made of 8 gm (1 sovereign) gold cost Rs. 12,500/- (Rings with lucky stones are also available for Rs. 10,000/- and Rs.8000/-. For amulets and rings send DD to REMYA COMPUTERS, Trivandrum by registered post. Also inform the size of your left ring finger and your phone number or meet in person. Persons in India can also get them direct or through post.
Lucky stone suitable for you in 4 gm gold will be sent if you send your date and time of birth, birth star etc. along with Rs.4500/- by DD. If you inform your phone number it will be sent by courier.
Amulets with Rare Magical Powers
Amulets or charms with great magical powers were used in ancient times by Devas and Kings for protection against disease, and wild animals, and victory over enemies, acquisition of power and wealth and prosperity. Many people using amulets have not benefited by them and thus got disappointed because such amulets were not prepared in proper scientific manner. Here the amulets are prepared according to ancient texts and also after deep study and research. So these amulets give excellent results as certified by thousands of letters received here from people here and abroad. There is no harm in having sex and taking non-vegetarian food while wearing the amulet. The amulets which are prepared with prescribed poojas will be sent within one month if you send your name, birth star along with DD/MO for Rs.2000/-. Amulets for general protection, for installing in house for worship or for installing the work place will be sent if Rs.2000/- by DD/MO is sent. Please send your correct address for prompt delivery. Amulets may be worn on the neck or over the waist.
The procedure for wearing the amulet will be sent along with the amulet. Amulets are fitted in silver cases of 1½ inch size and will not get damaged in postal and custom transit.
These amulets give best results to all irrespective of caste or religion. There is no bar for going to church or observing other religious rituals. Amulets fitted in silver cases and sent to all places in India and overseas.
Ordinary Amulet : Rs.2000/-
Amulet through Spl. Pooja : Rs.3000/-
Amulet with rare Magical Powers : Rs.5000/-
Amulet for Magnetic Powers : Rs.10000/-
Sarva Vasya Yanthram : Rs.20000/-
For any of the above amulets sent the respective amounts by DD/MO in favour of Dr. Attukal Radhakrishnan. The more amount you sent more powerful will be the amulet prepared. Procedure for wearing and the pooja manthram also will be sent along with the amulet. For those who want the amulet in gold case should send Rs. 1,500/- in addition to the cost of the amulet. For lockets in gold covering send additional amount of Rs.1700/-.
Are you Unmarried ?
Your prospective bride may be chosen through computer for compatibility of birth star horoscope, age, height, education, financial position. Contact sending Rs.500/- by MO/DD.

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